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I share my dreams and inner impressions with the world.


My strong emotions and dreamy perspectives are assets, and I do not stuff them aside or push them away.


I share the bounty that I have stored away in my head, and in my imagination, and in my heart.

The above statements are posted on my refrigerator on 3" x 5" index cards.  It reminds me of the creative abilities that I have and love to share with the world.  


I have been lucky to have a life filled with adventure: hiking through the bottom of the Grand Canyon, teaching in a two room high school in Chignik Lake, Alaska, owning a natural fiber craft shop in Boulder, Colorado, experiencing Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, and kayaking on Great Bear Lake in the Canadian Arctic.  I never set out to do all the things that I have done in my life.  I never set out to live in all the colorful and varied places that I have called home. They just seemed to happen as long as I remained open to what life had to offer.  Some choices were deliberate, such as teaching in Alaska.  Some choices were made out of desperation as one situation suddenly closed and life continued albeit in a different direction. I once read on a coffee mug, "When life suddenly turns dark, shout PLOT TWIST! and move on."


All this adventure and adapting to life's traumas and dramas, and rejoicing in all the great moments of my life, has enabled me to use my creativity in writing. Like most writer's I am inspired by the places I have been, the incredible number of amazing people I have met, bits of conversations overheard and participated in. A vast assortment of information most people consider trivial and would rather forget before their head burst open. fills not only my head but my heart as well. For me, all the things that I have experienced on my path of life are fuel for the fire of my writing. 

Inspiration swirls around us if we remain open to seeing it. Creative people are usually regarded by many to live their lives a bit off center from the norm. I think it is because we are so distracted by anything and everything to be found on this wonderful planet Earth. Creative folks also seem extremely content to catalog, categorize, and digest all of the human experiences and the vast array of locations those experiences occur in, that we lose track of what it means to be like everyone else on a daily basis. But lucky are the readers of books, the lovers of art, and the participants in music, as creative folks continually strive to deliver unto you their best observations on life and what it means to be human.

I live in Colorado at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains.  My books are: Light At The River's Edge, and The Red Granite Confessional.

I hope you enjoy my writings.  Escape from the rest of the world for just a little while, and journey with me to experience life through through the eyes of different characters in different locations.  Have an adventure with a new character and learn a little more about this big, wonderful planet we all share. Maybe, just maybe, find out a little more about yourself while you are reading.


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